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North Center - North Lindstrom Channel

We've had quite a few questions about the channel between North Center and North Lindstrom Lakes.

Earlier this week, the Lake Improvement District (LID) performed some additional maintenance to remove the last 100' of floating bogs near the Blue Waters entrance. They also removed some of the bogs that floated back into the channel last year.

That being said, the channel is currently only suitable for kayak and smaller vessels. There have been larger boats such as pontoons and V-Bottom boats that have attempted to pass through but are getting stuck. The LID continues to explore available options for increased navigation.

All the weirs affecting the water level have been closed all season. Let's hope for some additional rain to bring the water levels back up so we can all enjoy the channel like we have the last couple of years. Here's a video showing all the progress that has been made the last couple of years with the channel!


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