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ACT NOW to manage Aquatic Invasive Species on your lakefront next spring!

Water levels have gone down in the last year or two, due to recent drought conditions. This has led to the resurgence of those nasty weeds and weed mats that none of us like on our shorelines and in the shallower parts of the lakes. Next spring will likely produce more of the same, unless we are blessed with LOTS of snow this winter to slow their growth and LOTS of rain in the spring to bring up the water levels! You can likely expect to see mats of Curly Leaf Pondweed in the early spring and an overgrowth of Eurasian Watermilfoil in midsummer.

The CLA monitored and mapped those weeds last summer and has requested a grant from the MN DNR to help pay for those areas that are the most bothersome, but only those areas that are more than 150 feet from shore. There is no guarantee that we will be awarded the grant, but plan to treat as much of the lake as we are permitted for and can afford when the time is right.

Stay tuned for more information in the spring.

YOU can help!

If your shoreline is blessed with native plants (cattails, lily pads, etc) that help to filter the water and provide habitat for fish and other wildlife, you can clear a path with a weed razor or herbicide so you can access the rest of the lake for recreation.

If your shoreline has become infested with scum and invasive weeds that affect your ability to use your beach or shallow areas, there are several things that you can do to mitigate those invasive species that affect water quality near the shoreline. One of the most effective way you can help is to have a portion of your own shoreline treated every year for invasive species. CLA cannot treat within 150 feet of shoreline, so that is left up to the lakeshore owners. If all property owners would treat their shoreline appropriately, we could consistently decrease the number of weeds that appear every year.

What most people don’t know is that you need to start the process for chemically treating your shoreline in JANUARY! That’s when the permit applications are due!

There are several commercial companies that can do the work for you, or you can obtain your own permit, purchase your own chemicals and do it yourself. We, personally, have used Lakes Management Inc for a few years, and Lake Restoration prior to that. They will obtain the correct permits, come out twice a year to spray your shoreline with the appropriate herbicide that will slow down and hopefully stop the weeds from growing, as well as treating your shoreline for simmers itch.

There are also other companies that can help with this, and a list of commercial applicator

companies is included with this article for your convenience. Don’t delay! Start now to make the summer better on our lakes!

All property owners can also improve their shorelines to prevent erosion, filter nutrients, provide habitat, and increase property values by improving water quality. CLA has many resources that can help you with the planning and implementation of these improvements.

Have questions? Reach out to us at

Do you want to reach out to a commercial applicator? Follow this link for a list of vendors:


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